Risdoms Cloud

Risdoms Cloud

Keep your data away from BIG TECHS.

Time to act! Let's save ourselves.

Amazing Features

Personal Cloud

Data Storage

File Sharing


Office Suites

Reminders & Notes

Password Manager


Map & Direction

Choose your server location

With Risdoms Cloud, you will be able to choose your own server location, in order to get the fastest preformance. We provide small but high speed servers with SSD data storage and real time backup.

No matter which one you choose, you will always be able to access your data anytime, anywhere on any devices with a internet connection.

Get Back Your Privacy

Do your know Big Techs has been trying so badly to steal your information and privacy with their costly free or cheap service?

With Risdoms Cloud, you can finally switch away from Big Tech Companies, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft. We will never be free and we will never steal.