Welcome From Owner

Dear Friend,

I have built a self-hosting cloud service for everyone eager to get rid of Big Tech companies. In the last few years, their unforgivable behaviors and viciousness, especially during the 2020 US Election, were outrageous. Our safety and privacy have even been sold to tyrannies like CCP and Leftists all over the world. So we have to win this battle to keep some hope for our offsprings.

However, individuals like us may not have enough power to achieve this accomplishment, and we must stay together and work on little things before the time comes. Joining an uncentralized cloud service is one of the little steps that you can take. With Risdoms Cloud and all the other beautiful applications we are developing, you will see yourself not relying on Google, Microsoft, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, anymore in a short period.

Please click here and start putting your data away from Big Techs.

In God we trust! We must not let them slave our children and us.